THE SIGNATURE CARBON STEALTH FOIL COLLECTION Full carbon combination of modern technology, strength and performance.

A unique combo that can be used for all round SUP & SURF foil boarding.

(Wings available in x3 sizes = 190 Larger Intermediate riders, 175 All round semi advanced and 150 for Advanced riding or lighter riders.

Taking a closer look at the fuselage:  Unique in its design as it avoids the typical 1/2 + 1/2 molding process which creates a seam that can result in a weak point found on many hydrofoils.
The Stealth Foil uses multi layers of carbon which are wrapped around a core which then eliminates the typical x2 halves that are joined
The inserts are all made from Stainless Steel

The Mast is connected to the board by means of a KF Box connector – (supplied and easy to install)
The mast length is 650mm, the profile that connects to the fuselage is 100x13mm and connects by a mini taper box

The rear Stabilizer is also full carbon and has the tips swept upwards to form the rudders for added stability and even flight.

The Signature foils are not mass produced items and each carbon foil is carefully custom handcrafted to give you ultimate performance.   Recommended for riders that want to enjoy the full experience associated with the art of flying on water.