Nakoa Decoite | 41″

SIgnature Bolt 41" x 9.25" Longboard
SIgnature Bolt 41" x 9.25" Wheels | 65mm x 51mm x 80A

Nakoa Decoite | 41″

41″ x 9.25″ BOLT

Surfing it is all about down the line speed. Once you have speed you can turn sharply, make it through sections and blast big moves. It is no different with skateboarding. Speed equals performance. Signature’s Bolt Skateboard is fast. The kind of fast that will cause you to set your POV camera to slow-mo just so you can actually watch the video of yourself skateboarding. The board’s drop-thru cut-outs ensure a low centre of gravity, providing stability, while the ability to tweak the trucks allows for rail to rail performance. So, if your idea of a good wave is a solid day at Jaws or a fun winter swell at Supertubes, well then you need to look no further. Signature’s Bolt will definitely blow your hair back.







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The name says it all- if you’re looking for a board that will take your riding to the next level the Bolt is a great speed machine designed with a low center of gravity for added stability. The Drop thru cutouts are CNC milled for added precision and custom adjustments.Medium concave for added comfort and better rail to rail performance. Sandblasted deck with 7″ trucks and 80 A wheels for superb grip and comfortable ride. Ready for speed test ride a Signature Bolt today.

Dimensions 41 × 9.25 in

75mm x 65mm; 80A




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SIgnature Bolt 41" x 9.25" Longboard

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