Grant ‘Twig’ Baker | 46″

Signature 46" x 9" Legend Front
SIgnature Legend 46" x 9" Longboard
Signature 46" x 9" Legend Wheels | 70mm x 51mm x 80A

Grant ‘Twig’ Baker | 46″

46″ x 9″ LEGEND

There is a long history between man and mountain. For many years men have climbed mountains for relaxation, the challenge and to be able to say that they’ve done it. More recently, men have also started to ride mountains. In the ocean, these mountains are found at places such as Jaws, Mavericks & Dungeons. But, on land these mountains are threaded together by asphalt lines that connect distant places and serve as the playground for extreme skateboarders. This is the stuff of legends, and Signature celebrates these achievements with our Legend skateboard. Anyone can talk big, but not everyone goes big. We salute those Legends who keep stepping up their game and leaving their mark for others to follow. Signature invite you to step on deck of a Legend and leave your mark.

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A touch of class mixed with classic 60’s surf culture and a board that demands attention. The Legend is designed for riders that have already proved themselves but still leaving their mark wherever they go. Medium concave deck throughout for added comfort and lower center of gravity when laying into turns. Bamboo deck with Canadian Maple reinforcements along with 80 A wheels and 7″ trucks result in the perfect combo for all round cruising and street riding with comfort.
A board reseved for Legends.

Dimensions 46 × 9 in

70mm x 51mm; 80A




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Signature 46" x 9" Legend Front

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